Help wanted

Hello SUPER Dads,

This website/community isn’t finished. I’m in need of all the help I can get so that we can make this a wonderful community.

The meaning of this website/community (dunno how it to call it just yet) is that we bring all the dads together to share all their wisdom and tips and all other things to make this a great website for all sorts of dads.

  • Are you a blogger or willing to write stories about your son or daughter?
  • Are you a designer? Willingly to tweak this website to its great potentials.
  • Moderators, keep the crowd in control.
  • Creative thinkers, what is the best way to set things up.
  • Other ideas, like forum categories etc.

Mail me:

My name is Randy-Joshua or just short RandyJC, I’m 33 years old and I live in the Netherlands. My friends know me as someone who loves having others around, the more the merrier as they always say. I love doing board games, go to movies, have a great long night BBQ or hang in the bar with friends to drink a beer. Feel free to DM me :)